Gold Coast Art House

"Gold Coast Art House is a creative house of curators and dreamers across the globe."

These articles were co-written with Miguel Machado for Gold Coast Art House, a creative house of curators and dreamers across the globe. Click on the links to read the entire articles.

B-More, Unbridled: An Interview With Abdu Ali, August 26th, 2015 – “It’s a humid Saturday afternoon in New York and rising Baltimore rapper Abdu Ali stands on a rickety stage at Secret Project Robot, a DIY art gallery and music venue located in industrial Bushwick. Decked out in a floppy hat and scuffed pink-and-yellow Adidas high-tops, Ali urges the scattered crowd to draw themselves closer before exploding into his set. All impact and unrefined energy, the eclectic artist sings, spits, and screams hard lyrics over thumping dancefloor-ready beats set at 130 BPM. As Ali growls into the microphone, he thrashes and two-steps around on stage, a bright sweaty blur of reds, yellows and blues. This is Baltimore Club music and Ali is its new face.”


tumblr_inline_nv535jD8pK1so6rsp_500The Rebirth Of Cool: An Interview With Conundrum, July 10th, 2015 – “Germain Brito has his back turned to the audience. He’s wailing on the trumpet, but his eyes are locked on Charles Tyler who’s grinning on the drums in his pineapple print button-down and socks. In perfect syncopation, the cupcake air freshener dangling off Kyosuke Nonoyama’s bass swings to the beat. You can just tell, this band is having fun.”

(Photos taken by Miguel Machado)

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