October 2020 Resource Roundup: 9 Black Activists to Follow on Instagram

This article was originally published in the Black Allyship Column at Mochi Magazine. Mochi Magazine is an online destination for Asian American women to share their stories, experiences, and passions. Click on the link to read the entire article.

October 2020 Resource Roundup: 9 Black Activists to Follow on Instagram, October 21, 2020


No longer just an app for food pictures and selfies, Instagram (IG) has grown into a powerful social media platform for activism. This summer, “Black Lives Matter” chants filled both our streets and our IG feeds, bringing recognition to Black activists and organizers, business owners, artists, and educators. However, media coverage has shifted, whether due to the approaching election season or as social media accounts “return to normal.” Even more concerning is that those same BLM accounts that drew mass audiences just a few months ago are now victims of “shadowbanning,” i.e. censorship due to Instagram’s algorithmic bias. It is irresponsible to only follow the Black Lives Matter movement when it is “trending,” and we must be cognizant that posting a single black square is not an absolution of our complicity in this time of racial reckoning. Let’s carry the momentum forward and practice anti-racism in our daily lives.

For this month’s resource roundup, here are 9 Black activism accounts for you to follow on Instagram and learn from so that we can be more conscientious allies and co-conspirators in this fight for social equity.

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