Lazy Sundaes’ Recipe for Sweet Success during a Pandemic

Perusing through the mouthwatering menu Na and Luan curated for the new business instantly evokes a certain Asian American nostalgia. There are classic boba and pat bingsoo flavors, but also innovative ones like White Chocolate Matcha Latte and White Peach White tea (reminiscent of Japanese peach candies), as well as Matcha Bingsoo and Dirt Oreo Bingsoo with oat milk shaved ice.

This article and interview was originally published in Mochi Magazine — it is not sponsored content; I just really love Lazy Sundaes boba! Mochi Magazine is an online destination for Asian American women to share their stories, experiences, and passions. Click on the link to read the entire article.

Lazy Sundaes’ Recipe for Sweet Success during a Pandemic, January 29, 2021


Food, design, fashion, and cute animals: when Tammy Na and Amber Luan first met at Boston University in 2008, they bonded over these interests and decided they would eventually do “something” together. Over ten years later, that “something” is now Lazy Sundaes, a bubble tea and bingsoo shop with a dreamy pastel aesthetic and an adorable, supine feline as its mascot. Finding the silver linings in the COVID-19 pandemic, Na and Luan opened three locations of Lazy Sundaes in New York City this past October. They recently sat down with Mochi to share how they’re fueled by childhood nostalgia, big dreams, dedication to their team, and, of course, sugar highs.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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