Reader’s Digest: 40 Sci-Fi Movies That Are Out of This World

Grab the popcorn and prepare for lift-off. Whether you're into aliens, robots, or time travel, these must-see sci-fi movies will blow your mind.

This article was originally published in Reader’s Digest Magazine.

40 Sci-Fi Movies That Are Out of This World, February 11, 2022


A genre that looks to the stars and peers unabashedly into the unknown, science fiction has captivated audiences for nearly a century. Today’s brave new world can feel increasingly dystopian with each passing day, and these speculative stories are both a fantastical escape and a grim reflection of current social ills, warning us of what may be to come. Whether their plots revolve around space exploration, artificial intelligence, or advanced technology, sci-fi movies push the possibilities of science, asking us to question everything and imagine anything. Sometimes they fill us with delight; other times they fill us with horror. But they always leave us in wonder.

One of the best traits of the science-fiction genre is that it’s highly adaptable, mutating and evolving with each generation and branching into various subgenres so that it stays innovative and exciting. We’ve gathered the greatest science-fiction action movies, drama movies, horror movies, and funny movies, all of which are iconic in their own right. In this compilation of sci-fi movies, we’ve zeroed in on films that wowed audiences, won awards, garnered critics’ praise, and even changed the genre. You’ll find blockbuster hits, cult classics, and some of the best movies of all time. So keep reading for out-of-this-world films for sci-fi buffs of all sorts.

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