Tripadvisor: 8 AANHPI neighborhoods to explore

To celebrate this month, we reached out to our AANHPI community for insider guides to some of their favorite neighborhoods across the US, often places they grew up in or spent their childhoods exploring. Here's a look at their go-to places to eat, shop, and stroll—and why these neighborhoods mean so much to them.

This excerpt was originally written for and published in Tripadvisor.

8 AANHPI neighborhoods to explore
, May 09, 2022


As a kid, I truly thought Fort Lee was named after the many Lees (a common Korean last name) in the area. My family always made a pit stop in this cliff-top city for dinner on our way back home from weekend road trips: our last little adventure before crossing the George Washington Bridge back to New York.

Not much has changed since then. I still think it’s got the best Korean food in the tri-state area—better than Manhattan’s Koreatown, or even Flushing, Queens.

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Illustration by Felicia Liang

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