Reader’s Digest: 30 Best Books to Add to Your 2022 Summer Reading List

Set that out-of-office message and escape into new worlds with the best summer reads for all types of bookworms.

This article was originally published in Reader’s Digest Magazine.

30 Best Books to Add to Your 2022 Summer Reading List, July 28, 2022


Summer reading lists have a certain nostalgic magic to them. They hearken back to days when getting lost in literature stretched summer break just a bit longer. Even now, with year-round work and too-short vacations, the best summer reads bring endless possibilities and excitement. And the variety of genres means there’s something for everyone.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the must-read books of summer. With travel picking up and more outdoor spaces (aka ideal reading spots) open, it’s the perfect time to devour some of the best summer reads ever written. These books are critically acclaimed and well-reviewed best sellers. And many were chosen by Reader’s Digest editors and readers like you. Here, you’ll find the best books of all timefiction booksbeach readsfantasy novelsromance novelsmystery bookshistorical fiction, and more.

So shake out that beach towel, lay it on an empty stretch of sand or your freshly mowed lawn, grab a glass of pink lemonade, and get lost in worlds and words that’ll bring wonder to your summer. You might not have a monthslong school vacation to lounge around with some good books, but that shouldn’t stop you from tackling this grown-up summer reading list in your free time.


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