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Tripadvisor: 8 AANHPI neighborhoods to explore

To celebrate this month, we reached out to our AANHPI community for insider guides to some of their favorite neighborhoods across the US, often places they grew up in or spent their childhoods exploring. Here’s a look at their go-to places to eat, shop, and stroll—and why these neighborhoods mean so much to them.


Immigrant Songs and Unexpected Love Stories: Why You Need to Read Yoon Choi’s “Skinship”

My immigrant mother’s love language was not hugging and kissing, but rather cutting mangoes into neat cubes and plating it neatly for us, while she scraped the remaining fruit off the pit with her teeth for herself. As Sae-ri observes, “The American marriage is talking and hugging. But that is not the Korean marriage. The Korean marriage is — what. It is one day after the other. It is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”