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Tripadvisor: 8 AANHPI neighborhoods to explore

To celebrate this month, we reached out to our AANHPI community for insider guides to some of their favorite neighborhoods across the US, often places they grew up in or spent their childhoods exploring. Here’s a look at their go-to places to eat, shop, and stroll—and why these neighborhoods mean so much to them.


Lazy Sundaes’ Recipe for Sweet Success during a Pandemic

Perusing through the mouthwatering menu Na and Luan curated for the new business instantly evokes a certain Asian American nostalgia. There are classic boba and pat bingsoo flavors, but also innovative ones like White Chocolate Matcha Latte and White Peach White tea (reminiscent of Japanese peach candies), as well as Matcha Bingsoo and Dirt Oreo Bingsoo with oat milk shaved ice.


Mochi’s Favorite Korean Food Blogs

“Like many ethnic cultures, Koreans tend to forgo measuring cups and written recipes, simply knowing what to add and how much to add by taste alone. But as we assimilate more and more into American culture through each generation, how do we hold onto our cuisines and their individual histories? How do we pass them down?”